In a neighborhood like North Shore Collinwood, there’s always a ton of opportunities for artists to get help … and opportunities to help their neighborhood while they’re doing it. Want to buy a house? We’ve got listings. Like to find out about calls for artists, employment opportunities and grant deadlines? We’ve got that covered, too. We want to get artists connected to an embarrassment of resources. Read on to find out what’s currently going on … and how you can tap into it!

Ballot Box Project

The Ballot Box Project was about getting ordinary residents involved in community decision making, and how to spend $120,000 is creative place-making funds. Over the course of five public meetings, residents decided what topics the art projects would address, what about those topics is most important to them, provided proposal feedback, decided the rules about voting and outreach, and participated in a community art day. In total, 120 people were involved in that process.

To kick off the voting, a colorful thunderous parade weaved through the neighborhood. Artist on the ballot and enthusiastic residents marched through the streets bookend by two New Orleans style jazz bands to let everyone know voting was about to begin. It was fun, it was crazy, and was it ever memorable.

Voting happened over multiple days at five locations, including Collinwood High School. Over 500 people, 100 of which were under 18, cast their vote to determine the art projects that would be funded around Collinwood history, healthy eating, youth involvement, and vacancy. Those winning projects had some amazing outcomes! Check them out.

Collinwood History

  • Stephen Bivens, This is Collinwood: History in Everyday PeopleIt is the ordinary people that make neighborhoods great.
    It’s those people who are the history of Collinwood. That is why over the course of several months Stephen Bivens photographed the families and businesses in Collinwood. These photos lived in the Millard Fillmore Presidential Library and at Six Shooter Coffee.
    Learn more about Stephen and his project:
  • Ben Smith, Splice-Cream Truck
    Everyone has a story to tell, and Ben’s mission is to capture it. In exchange for a frozen treat, Ben recorded the stories of the common man in his mobile recording studio. The Splice-Cream truck, a used mail truck from Montana, looks like retro ice-cream truck. While the project is over, keep on the lookout, cause you’ll be hearing more about this truck in the future.
    Learn more about the Splice-Cream Truck:

Healthy Eating

  • Lori Kella, Grow.Cook.Eat.Collinwood
    Grow.Cook.Eat.Collinwood is a cookbook that has connected gardeners, cooks, and neighbors to provide residents with recipes that encourages healthy eating and eating locally. Through Lori’s photography, she created a portrait of the neighborhood, its growers, and the recipes created in North Collinwood. The cookbook is available to purchase for only $10.
    Learn more about Lori and her project:
  • Kevin Scheuring, Eat Local and Learn
    With a series of three “Eat Local” food shows, residents had their pallets allured with the flavors of farm fresh food. Kevin and this team from the market created dishes that were 100% from items that were currently available at the Coit Road Farmers Market. That means picked hours ago and a few miles away. The events had the same intimate feeling as when you shop at the market with local musicians playing in the background. There were food art activities, quick pickling demos, knife sharpening and knife skill workshops.
    Learn more about Kevin and the market:
  • Linda Zolten Wood, Operation Vegetables: The Giant Board Game of Yummy Health
    Inspired by the community planning sessions, Linda knew what the neighborhood youth needed. A fun way to learn about healthy eating that wouldn’t be preaching: A giant board game! Youth from K-6 helped to create characters that were used in the game. Neighborhood artist Dru Christine created smocks for the kids to wear and she painted the board game on canvas from Ullman Sails. What happened when the kids finally played the game? They had a blast!
    Learn more about Linda and her project:


  • Michael Hudecek, Craft Up Collinwood
    For several years, Upcycle Parts Shop has been transforming vacant spaces with materials that were destined for the landfill. All their projects get the community involved in creating and installing the art. With a series of craft days, residents created sidewalk art and decorations to beautify vacant storefronts. One of these efforts actually resulted in a commercial sale!
    For more information about Upcycle Parts Shop:

Youth Engagement

  • Cindy Barber, Bicycle Rickshaws on Waterloo
    During the public meetings to discuss what is important to the neighborhood, Cindy saw an opportunity to teach youth about storytelling, while they earn a stipend teaching neighborhood visitors the history of Collinwood. There are now two bicycle rickshaws that can be seen in the community during future events.
  • Bridget Caswell, Collinwood Camera Club
    Photography is a fine art, with a variety of career paths available. That is why Bridget decided neighborhood youth should have the opportunity to learn from area professionals. During the summer program, 5 teenagers met weekly to learn different photography techniques. They provided free photo shoots during Walk All Over Waterloo and the Waterloo Arts Fest. Their work was exhibited at Maria Neil- each of the students sold some of their work. Bridget and the teens are hoping to continue to the project, and some of the teens have decided on a career path.
    Learn more about Bridget and her project:
  • Margaret Craig, Neighborhood Arts Ambassadors
    Art is for everyone, but not everyone in the neighborhood knows about the incredible arts activities happening in the neighborhood. Margaret, a performer who is passionate about working with youth, provided programming to youth ages 12-15 that exposed them to drama, poetry and photography. This also was a job where they received a stipend. They shared information and connected the neighborhood to the arts district through impromptu public performances.

Collinwood 2015
Funds given to 13 Artists for Community Arts Projects Promoting Health

The Collinwood 2015 initiative is in full swing. As a whole, these grassroots projects aim to help bend the upward trajectories of obesity and other chronic diseases in the neighborhood, while also activating neighborhood greenspaces and getting stakeholders collectively engaged in what otherwise might seem to be an intractable problem. We awarded thirteen local artists some part of $100,000 to creatively engage our community on topics such as Health Insurance Awareness, Domestic Violence, Eating Well, and Exercising Together. Look for these interactive projects, activities, and events on our calendar and in our newsletter!
See project Guidelines here.

Stay tuned for next year’s exciting Collinwood initiative for artists.

Support for Great New Arts Ideas
Funds for Artists’ Community Arts Projects

With help from national funders such as ArtPlace and local funders including Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, we have been able to support over 75 artists with their community art projects tackling issues such as vacancy, public safety, youth engagement all while increasing the vibrancy of the Waterloo Arts and Entertainment District. Thousands of lives have been touched by the over $200,000 in artist support we have provided. We are committed to ensuring awesome ideas become a reality so please stay tuned by reading our newsletter monthly for new opportunities coming soon.

Make Collinwood Your New Home!
Multiple Artist Housing Opportunities from Northeast Shores

Picturesque bungalows, cape cods and colonials on quiet, winding streets, just steps from a string of lakefront parks and a bustling arts and entertainment district. Artist-owned and artist-rented storefronts and commercial studios side-by-side, block after block. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Here in Collinwood, artists can own a stake in our neighborhood transformation, with space ownership starting at $6,500. Yeah, that’s not a typo … $6,500! Find out more about how we can make buying your own art space a reality here … And take a sneak peek inside one of our fully-rehabbed houses, with prices starting at less than $80,000, here.

Develop Your Own Creative Work Space
A New Space Offering from Waterloo Studios

Get your own creative space in the heart of the Waterloo Arts & Entertainment District at the new Waterloo Studios (15316 Waterloo Road).

Large studios with big windows, an overhead door, kitchen, overnight lounge and attractive gallery space makes this the perfect building for painters, printmakers, photographers and craftspeople. And with negotiable rental rates around $225 per month, it’s a real steal! For more information, please contact Waterloo Studios’ Louis Ross at

Artist Homeownership in Cleveland – Getting Started
New Homebuyer Handbook Points You In the Right Direction!

Buying property can be a tough process if you don’t know where to get started. That’s why we’ve partnered with ArtHome and Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland to launch a new Homeowner Handbook to get you on your way. This guide will give you a heads-up on the early steps you can take to improve your ability to purchase property in greater Cleveland, with attention to some of the main challenges that artists, entrepreneurs and self-employed buyers face. Check it out by clicking below … And don’t forget to follow up with Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland about all the amazing free services they provide, like homeownership and home repair courses, financial counseling and credit score review!