Artist Spotlight – Loren Naji & Grace Wen

Satellite Gallery….Just Keeping Waterloo Weird

Yes it’s true! There are not many neighborhoods that would encourage, yet alone assist financially in the development of what promises to be the funkiest street in Cleveland, Ohio.

Loren Naji, Owner and Director of a gallery in Cleveland’s Ohio City Neighborhood has crossed over to the weird side with a little help and support from Northeast Shores Development.

Loren is the recipient of ArtPlace funds which were used to purchase the once foreclosed property and will be the first “project” to open as part of the Lotus Street Project.  Neighboring projects include INK HOUSE, a satellite project for Zygote Press and the Reverend Albert Wagner Museum of Art.

Nagi’s Satellite Gallery is not your typical everyday gallery. The house itself and its interior rooms are the art.  Satellite Gallery is an installation house. Regional artists were invited to select a room and create site-specific, three-dimensional work designed specifically to transform the perception of a space. Loren has taken this space concept and incorporated it into the rehab of the exterior. The Space Ship Structure is a sculpture nestled between two very traditional homes on what right now appears to be a very “normal” street.  By all accounts it could be considered Land Art. Satellite’s art mission will be managed by co-curator Grace Wen.  Regular hours of operation include Friday’s from 5pm -9pm, Saturday’s from 12pm -6pm and Sunday’s from 1pm-5pm. Special Events will have additional hours advertised as needed.

Satellite opens to the public during the monthly Walk All Over Waterloo Night on Friday, June 6, 2014 and will be open from 6pm-11pm.

For additional information please call 216-621-6644 or click here.