Artist Spotlight- Jessica Pinksy


There are plenty of expressions that suggest mixing work and play is not a good idea. That isn’t the case with the Collinwood neighborhood. Live/work is not unusual; it is beginning to be the norm…if norm is even a word that should be used when discussing an artist. Take Jessica Pinsky for instance…a fiber artist who explored the Cleveland neighborhoods to find the perfect location for her new fiber and textile studio and gallery. There were plenty of options but one visit to Collinwood and she knew that she was in the right place. Jessica tells me, “It was an easy decision as the Director of Praxis Fiber Workshop to be part of the larger development of artist run businesses in this neighborhood.”

Cleveland has so many wonderful neighborhoods that are packaging themselves as art destinations. Art Walks, Art Hops and Art Markets seem to be the trend… but there are significant differences? Jessica continued, “to be a new business involved in the initial growth of any neighborhood is an exciting privilege. There are so many incredible neighborhoods to live in Cleveland, but for me Collinwood has the most contagious, supportive and energetic community for artists. Collinwood has an energy that is not easy to describe. It’s a feeling you get.”

Northeast Shores’ focus on making artists stakeholders in the community has definitely paid off. The sense of ownership goes well beyond the investment of property. Jessica shares, “the feeling of investing as both a small business and a resident makes me feel truly part of something larger than myself. I love the diversity, landscape and artist network already in place here and I am so excited to continue my life as a Cleveland artist from this hub”.

Pinsky is one of many artists and business owners who play and work in the Collinwood neighborhood. Cindy Barber, owner of the famous Beachland Tavern, Melanie Hersh of Music Saves were early pioneers and have never looked back. When you bring your life’s passion to a community that understands it, inevitably you get a certain energy that is hard to describe. If I had to describe it, one word would never suffice. Cool, unique, eccentric, creative, unusual, insane, raw, real, and illusive all work…but I guess for me the word would be special!