Make Yourself at Home!

We’re building a neighborhood where artists don’t just get to do their work … They get to own a piece of our community. We believe that artists deserve an ownership stake in the strong communities they build, and here in Collinwood, we’re working to make that belief a reality.

That’s why we’re working hard to provide artists with a range of property options that help them achieve ownership, even when they have less-than-perfect financial backgrounds. For more information about our artist housing programs, please contact Camille Maxwell at Northeast Shores at 216.481.7660. For more information about our artist commercial offerings, please contact Alenka Banco at Northeast Shores at 216.481.7660.

Own a Piece of Collinwood … For $6,500
DIY Housing Opportunities from Northeast Shores

Where can you get a large, structurally sound home with distinctive architecture … nestled conveniently between a lakefront park and a thriving arts district … For $6,500?! Collinwood, of course! Our $6,500 house program is a perfect opportunity for artists who want to create their own live/work space and don’t mind putting a little rehab and TLC into their property. We select houses that are in moderate to good condition, houses where rehab costs will be relatively low, and then give artists 6 months to make any necessary repairs to the property. After those repairs are complete, you own the house outright. It’s that simple! Give us a call today, and we can talk to you about next steps for converting one of our charming houses into the art space of your dreams.

A New Creative Face for Beautiful, Old Houses
Newly Rehabbed Artist Houses from Northeast Shores

For artists who don’t want to do the work themselves, we have a range of houses where we do the rehab work ourselves. We take bungalows, colonials and other distinctive houses through a full rehab process that moves them into the 21st century, with open floor plans, full energy efficiency and contemporary style and finishes. We leverage all sorts of resources to keep prices as low for an artist as possible. That means you may get a house with $125,000 of new rehab work for as low as $75,000. We even give artists $1,500 to select their own appliances. And for artists who join us early in the rehab process, you can actually participate in designing floor plans and finishes. You get to design your own dream house, without ever having to pick up a paint brush, and all at incredibly low prices. Take a sneak peek inside one of our fully-rehabbed houses here, and call us to find out more about how you can step into one of these fully rehabbed gems.

Setting Up Shop for a Fraction of the Cost
Storefront and Commercial Studio Opportunities from Northeast Shores

Not only are we revolutionizing the way artists get housing opportunities … We’re extending those opportunities to commercial space, too. Whether you’re looking to buy a storefront opposite our many existing “artrepreneurs” or rent out a studio space at a ridiculously low rate, Northeast Shores and its neighborhood partners can help.

New Opportunities All the Time
Find Out About Northeast Shores’ Latest Space Options

Our artist housing program has been wildly popular, with Cleveland creatives moving from rental to ownership and artists relocating from as far away as New Zealand. It’s a lot of great energy, but it also means the stock of available space in our neighborhood is constantly changing. Check out the map below for our current offerings.

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