Artist Spotlight- Natalia Bicvic

An enterprising spirit originally brought Natalia Bicvic’s family to North Collinwood, and it’s that same spirit that brought her back decades later.

Bicvic, owner of the newly opened Moxie Studios (763 East 185th Street) chose to launch her creative agency in North Collinwood because of her belief in the neighborhood – a belief that was rooted early in her childhood.

“I spent a lot of time in the neighborhood as a kid because my mom had a beauty salon here,” explains Bicvic. “When I was looking to open my own creative space, it just made sense to follow a similar path. I had an opportunity here to completely renovate my space and make it my own.”

Moxie Studios is a full service design and advertising firm, which Bicvic opened in May 2016 following a full interior renovation. Her day-to-day art happens in the digital world, creating logos, websites, social media campaigns and plenty more for her clientele. The tools of her trade are primarily found in Adobe Creative Suite, but according to Bicvic, there’s no denying the power of pencil and paper to sketch out her ideas.

Based on her past experience, Bicvic specializes in marketing materials for corporations ranging from hospital systems to technology companies. But as a small business owner herself, she wants her return to the neighborhood to help strengthen other small businesses.

As a participating member of the E. 185th Merchants Association, Bicvic is assisting fellow businesses with district marketing and special events, including the recent Walk & Roll E. 185 on June 18. Moxie Studios took the lead on creating the logo for the event in addition to numerous marketing pieces.

Moxie Studios is also a stakeholder in Made in Collinwood – Northeast Shores Development Corporation’s program to support the more than 50 makers in the neighborhood. As a graphic designer, Bicvic is uniquely positioned as both an artist and a maker working to strengthen North Collinwood for everyone.

And if that’s not enough, she even moved her family to the neighborhood.

“I’m excited to be part of a growing community, and I hope to see many more businesses open here in the near future,” says Bicvic. “It’s an exciting time to be in Collinwood.”

To learn more about Moxie Studios, check out their website andsocial media pages or stop by the shop. There you can see more of Natalia Bicvic’s work and learn about all the services offered by Moxie Studios.