Artist Spotlight-Christian Mickovic

With the grand opening of Northeast Shores’ Glencove building on June 11, a new group of artists are moving into North Collinwood with space to live and work all while building equity as renters. And the first artist just moved in.

Christian Mickovic, a Cleveland native, turned the key last month and is excited to be part of the growing community of artists calling North Collinwood home.

Mickovic is a painter in the end, but he follows a truly multimedia path – drawing, digital art and sculpture – to get to his finished works. It’s part of the creative process he developed as a student at both the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Cranbrook Academy of Art, which stress blurred lines between media.

Art was always part of Mickovic’s life; graphic design, photography, metal work and sundry forms of sculpture are all familiar media.

When working at his day job, Mickovic draws in inspiration and translates that into his artistic projects. He spends four days a week as a landscaper, then channels that into new paintings.

“I try to keep a day job that influences or helps my work in some way – this landscaping job lines up evenly with my current body of work, where I am constructing ideal landscapes, filtered through a digitized eye,” says Mickovic. “I tend to use a lot of cliché or hackneyed garden ornamentation. And day to day I find a lot of influence on the job.”

Throughout his work, Mickovic is fascinated by the use of painting to lend permanence and memorialize objects that might otherwise be ephemeral.

As a new part of the North Collinwood community, Mickovic also wants to create permanence in the neighborhood. For him, the region provides opportunities to work part time and still afford to practice his craft as an artist.

“I’m here because I believe in the city, and it really is an exciting place to be right now,” says Mickovic. “I see great work happening across multiple generations and multiple disciplines. We’ve got a great group of young painters here in particular that I’m excited about.”

Keep an eye out for new work from Christian Mickovic and all of the other Glencove artists in the coming months. Fresh out of the Cranbrook MFA program, Mickovic is working diligently in the studio toward a gallery exhibit or other public event. Check out Mickovic’s website for more information or follow him on Instagram (@chrismicko) for behind the scenes images from the studio, plus an occasional picture of his dog.

For more information on the Glencove and Renter Equity program, contact Camille Maxwell, Assistant Director at Northeast Shores Development Corporation by phone at 216-481-7660 or by email at