Artist Spotlight- Bridget Caswell

Through her camera’s lens, Bridget Caswell captures the revitalization of Cleveland every day, not to mention the latest advances in aeronautics.

Caswell, a North Collinwood resident, is a photographer at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Brook Park, Ohio where she uses her artistic talent to showcase breakthroughs in space technology.

When Caswell isn’t hanging out with rocket scientists, she also works for American Greetings as a photographer and runs a successful freelance business with clients ranging from National Public Radio to Cleveland Magazine.

With a portfolio that also includes work for the London Daily Telegraph and New York Times, there’s one common thread that unites Caswell’s art: the interaction of viewer and subject.

“I strive to animate a moment in people’s lives to allow the viewer to connect with the subject,” explained Caswell. “There is a lot of diversity in my work, from my documentary photojournalism to my ongoing series of lawn ornaments, which explores my fascination with how people choose to adorn their space.”

Caswell’s passion for photography began when she was just a teenager and picked up a camera for the first time. She knew immediately what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

That love for imagery is evolving in a unique way for Caswell as a member of the North Collinwood community. As a former Board President of Arts Collinwood (nowWaterloo Arts) and frequent volunteer, she is now focusing her craft on the intersection of art and health.

Beginning in August, Caswell is coordinating an “Eat the Rainbow” photographic food diary project with children from the neighborhood. The project is part of Collinwood 2015, a Northeast Shores Development Corporation program to engage with neighborhood artists to address health and wellness issues in North Collinwood. A total of 13 projects will be completed this year.

Caswell’s first “Eat the Rainbow” class was on Saturday, August 22 at Waterloo Arts combined photography instruction with a healthy eating component provided byUniversity Hospitals. One additional class followed the next Saturday and two additional classes will take place on September 5th and September 12th. Participating children are documenting healthy eating habits over the course of the project. Their work will be assembled in a book, printed and unveiled at a public event.

“I’m very excited about this project,” said Caswell. “I enjoy sharing my photography expertise with kids; it was a great tool for me to express myself as a kid, and I hope to pass that on.”

For more information about Bridget Caswell’s work, you can visit her website at To learn about Collinwood 2015 and other neighborhood programs, contact Northeast Shores Development Corporation at 216-481-7660.